Aktuelle Studenten

Simay Aydin

Simay Aydin

Né à Ankara/Turquie en 1991, Simay Aydin commence ses études de piano à l’âge de 4 ans avec Nimet Karatekin et commence ses études de danse classique à l’âge de 4 ans à L’Opéra et Ballet National d’Ankara. Elle rejoint la Faculté de Musique et des Arts de l’Université de Bilkent-Ankara en 2003. Elle commence ses études de flûte à l’âge de 11 ans avec Stiliana Stavreva.

A partir de 2007 elle se produit au sein de l'Orchestre Symphonique des Jeunes de Bilkent.

En juin 2009, elle obtient son diplôme de flûte au Lycée de Musique de Bilkent-Ankara et réussit brillamment le concours d’entrée de la licence du Conservatoire et de l’Université de Nice. Elle travaille 4 ans dans la classe de Sibel Kumru Pensel. En mars 2011 elle joue dans un concert d’opéra  "L’enfant et Les Sortilèges".

En mai 2011 elle joue dans L’Orchestre d’Harmonie d’Osaka. En septembre 2011 elle joue dans le cadre de Sympho New avec l’Orchestre Régional de Cannes-Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur dirigé par Philippe Bender. En février 2013 elle joue en soliste avec l’orchestre de flute à Luxembourg dirigé par Carlo Jans. En avril 2014 elle joue dans le cadre du Printemps des Arts à Monaco. En juin 2014, elle joue en soliste avec l'Orchestre Municipale de Nice dirigé par François Léclaircie. En juin 2014 elle obtient son diplôme de musicologie à l’Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis ainsi que Le Conservatoire de Nice (CNRR de Nice). En suite elle continue ses études dans le Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles en Master
Spécialisé dans la classe de Baudoin Giaux. Puis elle étudie Master Didactique au Conservatoire Royal de Mons et continue la flute avec Marc Grauwels.

Actuellement elle fait ses étude au Conservatoire Royal d’Anvers en Post Graduation/Orchestre dans la classe de Aldo Baerten.

Simay obtient des résultats très brillants dans plusieurs concours :

- Premier prix au "Concours National d’Ensembles de Flûtes - Nice" en 2013.
- Premier prix au "Concours National d’Ensembles de Flûtes – Menton" en 2011.
- Deuxième prix au "Concours A travers la flûte pour la flûte - Nice" en 2015.

Elle participe activement aux master-classes d’Emmanuel PAHUD, Maxence LARRIEU, Felix RENGGLI, Sophie CHERRIER, Andras ADORJAN, Walter AUER, Julien BEAUDIMENT, Katherine KEMLER, Jocelyn AUBRUN, Sophie DUFEUTRELLE, Shimizu NABUTAKA, Vicens PRATS, Carlo JANS, Philippe BERNOLD, Mats MOLLER, Patrick GALLOIS, Silvia CARREDU et Michel MORAGUES.

Ieva Ošeniece

Ieva Ošeniece

Ieva Ošeniece has participated in and gained scholarships for the following  masterclasses  - The Sottish International Flute Summer School 2012 with Wissam Boustany, Ian Clarke and Ruth Morley as well as the William Bennet International Flute Summer School 2013 with William Bennett and Denis Bouriakov.

Ieva Ošeniece participated in and gained recognition in several international flute competitions including the “Young flutists” competition in Latvia in 2011 and 2012. She was awarded a diploma at  the “Kaunas Sonorum” competition in 2012 and gained 2nd place in in the  IV International competition of chamber ensembles “Musical Aquarelle – 2014”.

Ieva Ošeniece has taken part in concerts with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and the Liepaja Symphony “Amber Sound” Orchestra. At the front of the Liepaja Symphony “Amber Sound” Orchestra she has also performed as a chamber musician.

Ieva began her Bachelor flute studies at the Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music with Ilona Meija and continued her studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre with Mihkel Peaske.

Ieva currently studies at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp with Prof. Aldo Baerten.

Rocío Bolaños del Pozo

Rocío Bolaños del Pozo

Rocío Bolaños del Pozo (Jaén, Andalucía, Spain, 1996) began her studies at the Professional Music Conservatory ''Ramón Garay'', Jaén. Then, she started her bachelor degree at the Music Conservatory  ''Rafael Orozco'' with Prof. Saleta Suárez.

Currently, she is studying her third course of bachelor with Prof. Aldo Baerten at the Utrecht Conservatorium in the Netherlands through an exchange fellowship.

She won of the first prize in the competition of young performers of the province of Jaén in the modality of wood wind in the year 2015 and second prize the years 2011, 2013 and 2014.

She won of the competition of young performers ''XIX Ciclo de Jóvenes Intérpretes'' in the year 2016/2017 celebrated at the Conservatory of Music "Rafael Orozco ", Cordoba in the individual modality and in the modality of chamber music.

She did masterclass with Ana Raquel Lima, Elzbieta Wolenska, Javier Castiblanque, Julie Moulin among others.

She belongs and has played with the following orchestras; Young orquestra of Cordoba, in which she belongs to the list of soloists of the orchestra, ''Programa Andaluz para Jóvenes Intérpretes'' (Young Orchestra of Andalucia), Neue Philharmonie München, Young Provincial Orchestra of Malaga and Orchestra of the Academy of Orchestral Studies ''Barenboim-Said Foundation''. In addition, she has played on several occasions in professional orchestra where she got to be internship of the ''Orquesta de Córdoba''.

She has been a student of the AO  ''Barenboim-Said Foundation'', where she received lessons of flute, piccolo, chamber music with different orchestra soloists.

Miquel Guillem Gómez Ramos

Miquell Guillem Gómez Ramos

Miquel Guillem Gómez Ramos was born in Valencia, where he was graduated with honours under the guidance of MªDolores Tomás and Magdalena Martínez. He won the extraordinary prize end of studies of the “Conservatori Superior de Música de València”. Miquel also won the second prize in the “Vicent Galbis” Competition (2013). He played as a soloist with the orchestra of “Conservatori Professional de Música de Torrent” in the Palau de la Música de València. He was invited to the “Orquestra Filharmònica de la Universitat de València” several times and was involved in the Wind Orchestra of Valencia as a member. Besides, he has taken lessons with Magdalena Martinez, Salvador Martinez, Juana Guillen, Andrea Oliva among others. Currently he is studying a Master Program with Aldo Baerten at the HKU Utrecht Conservatorium.

Isabelle Haverkort

Isabelle Haverkort

Isabelle, born in 1996 in the Netherlands, started playing the flute in 2005. After a year, she could join the youngest pupil orchestra. In 2011, she played her first solo with the brass orchestra Apollo Goor (conductor: Carl Wittrock): Treble Concerto, Ted Huggens. This amazing experience made her wanting more in music, so from 2012 till 2017 she played in the Twents Jeugd Symfonie Orkest, conducted by Carl Wittrock. With this orchestra she played in Kiev, Florence and Prague. In 2014 she played Rhapsody for Flute (Stephen Bulla), with Apollo Goor, as part of her final exam at the music school. Next to her high school she participated You!XL during years 2011-2013, a weekly program containing private lessons, concerts and music theorie/singing. From 2015 she had lessons with Hans Nijman (ArtEZ Conservatorium). After graduating high school in 2015, she started the preparatory year at HKU Utrechts Conservatorium with Aldo Baerten, in combination with Musicology at Utrecht University. Summer 2016 she participated International Flute Seminar Bruges, where she had lessons with Aldo Baerten, Peter Verhoyen, Robert Pot and Blaz Snoj.

Since September 2016 she’s doing her Bachelor Degree in Utrecht. January 2017 she participated with a Haydn-trio the chamber music festival in Zaltbommel, organized by pianist Martyn van den Hoek. Nowadays, she plays in the Sweelinck Orchestra (Amsterdam). Other orchestra experiences she had with Utrechts Studentenkoor en –Orkest (conductor: Gilles Michels, playing St. Matthew-Passion);  CREA Amsterdam (conductor: Bas Pollard); Nederlands Symfonie Project (conductor: Pim Cuijpers);  Wagenings Studentenkoor- en Orkestvereniging (conductor: Frank Adams). Coming April she will play J. Haydn Flute Concerto in D-dur with Musica Mondana, conducted by Jan Schoonenberg. 

Anna Špelinová

Anna Spelinová

Anna Špelinová was born in 1996 in Pilsen, Czech Republic. She began her musical studies when she was 5 years old  by taking piano lessons. One year later she started to take recorder lessons with her teacher Julie Braná. Since 2007 Anna has been a member of ABATEVA recorder quartet together with her sister Barbora and Veronika and Tereza Šanderová. Together they have succesfully attended many competitions in Czech Republic an Poland and performed in many places in Czech Republic.

Anna started to take flute lesson with her teacher Jana Ryšková at 2007. Four years later she was accepted to Pilsen Conservatory to Jana Ryšková's flute class. In 2017 she started her studies at the University of Ostrava (Faculty of Fine Arts) with prof. Jan Ostrý.

For many years Anna is regularly attending the International Summer School of Early Music in Valtice, Czech Republic where she's taking recorder, chamber music and traverso lessons. She has also participated in many masteclasses with flutists such as Hansgeorg Schmeisser, Karl-Heinz Schütz, Philippe Bernold, Christine Fassbender.

Anna is currently doing her erasmus exchange study programme at the HKU Utrecht Conservatorium with prof. Aldo Baerten.

Núria Ferrer Rodrigo

Núria Ferrer Rodrigo

Núria Ferrer Rodrigo (València, 1994) studied the Bachelor degree in the Upper Grade Conservatory of Valencia, receiving the Honour Mention when finishing.

She has been part of the Youth Orchestra of the Community of Madrid and The Youth Orchestra of the Federation of Musician Societies in Valencia. Also, in 2016 she was awarded with the 3rd prize in the Castellnovo Young Inteprets Contest.

She studied regularly with Magdalena Martínez and Maria Dolores Tomás, and she also received lessons from Vicens Prats, Salvador Martínez, Alvaro Octavio, Philippa Davies, Andrea Oliva, Silvia Careddu.

Currently she is studying the Master degree with Aldo Baerten in HKU Conservatorium Utrecht.

Lola Salas de Rueda

Foto: Lola Salas de Rueda

I was born in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, where I started my musical studies in 2004. I studied the Bachelor with Vicens Prats at ESMuC (Barcelona). Then I studied an Orchestral Postgraduate at EAEM (Santiago de Compostela). I will start the master degree in 2017 with Aldo Baerten in the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.

I have been part of several youth orchestras. The JONC (National Youth Orchestra of Catalonia) has been very important in my musical formation with greats professors often from the MCO (Mahler Chamber Orchestra), BandArt, and also greats conductors as Manel Valdivieso, Pablo González... I also played with the Real Filharmonia de Santiago. I had the opportunity to play as a soloist with this orchestra, playing Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Concerto in G Major.
I had masterclasses with Javier Castiblanque, Álvaro Octavio, Christian Farroni, Julien Beaudiment, William Bennet, Davide Formisano, Franz Jürgen, Anaïs Benoit...

In 2016 we created in Barcelona a quartet of flutes called Quartet Atiko, which won several prizes.

Anna Jansà Bayona

Foto: Anna Jansà Bayona

Anna Jansà Bayona started her musical studies in Reus Conservatory with her teacher Nèlia Sanxís. In 2012, she continued her bachelor studies in Zaragoza Conservatory (Spain) with her teachers Fernando Gómez, Antonio Nuez and André Cebrián. During those years she has took part in Contemporany Ensemble of Zaragoza conservatory with her teacher Nacho de Paz.

In order to improve her musical studies she has participated in some summercourses and masterclasses with flutists such as Clara Andrada, Aldo Baerten, Emily Beynon, Mario Caroli, Paul Edmund-Davies, Júlia Gállego, Francisco López, Álvaro Octavio, Vicens Prats. In 2017, she played piccolo in Young National Orchestra of Catalonia. Now, she is studying his master degree in Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp with his teacher Aldo Baerten.

Ibon Barriga Ariznabarreta

Foto: Ibon Barriga Ariznabarreta

Born in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain (1993). He started studying flute at the age of 7 in the Conservatory “Jesús Guridi” of Vitoria-Gasteiz and he finished his Professional Degree with Jose Luis Oroz. Finished his Bachelor Degree at the Conservatorio Superior de Música del País Vasco “Musikene” with Bruno Claverie, Miguel Ángel Angulo and Álvaro Octavio. After that he studied in the Conservatory of Italia “A.Corelli” with Stefano Parrino. Currently he is studying Master in Music at the “Koninklijk Conservatorium van Antwerp” with Aldo Baerten.

He also attended flute masterclasses with; Javier Castiblanque, Silvia Careddu, Beñat Arrieta, Juliette Hurel, Julie Moulin, Philippe Bernold, Clara Andrada, Stephanie Winker, Davide Formisano, Jose Sotorres, Vicens Prats, Pirmin Grehl, André Cebrián, Andrea Oliva and Antonio Nuez among others. 

He has collaborated with different orchestras, such as the OSE “Orquesta Sinfónica de Euskadi”, EIO “Euskadiko Ikasleen Orkestra”, JOEX “Joven Orquesta de Extremadura” and the orchestra of “Musikene”. He has been conducted by Aberto Zedda, Eduardo Portal, Jose Luis Estellés, Arturo Tamayo, José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana, Bruno Cinquegrani and Gianluca Marciano among others. 

He played in diverse festivals,“Martes Musicales” in Vitoria-Gasteiz and “Musika-Música” in Bilbao, besides he has been selected to performance two times with the Municipal Band of Vitoria-Gasteiz such soloist.  

Leire Satrustegi

Foto: Leire Satrustegi

Born in Lekunberri, Spain (1993). She started studiying her Professional degree at the age of twelve in the Conservatorio Profesional de Música “Pablo Sarasate” in Pamplona with Professor Alejandro Arbea.

Finished her Bachelor degree at the Conservatorio Superior de Música “Rafael Orozco” with Saleta Suárez. Currently she is studying Master Podium at the “Koninklijk Conservatorium van Antwerp” with Professor Aldo Baerten.

She has received master classes from artists such as: Antonio Arias, Stefano Parrino, Wendela C. van Swol, Javier Castiblanque, Paul Edmund-Davies, Robert Langevin  and Christina Fassbender among others.

She has collaborated with the Orchestra of Córdoba and she is member of the EGO “Euskal Gazte Orkestra” and the OJC “Orquesta Joven de Córdoba”.

Marianna Siamisii

Foto: Marianna Siamisie

Marianna Siamisii was born in 1999 in Limassol, Cyprus. She began her music education when she was ten years old by taking flute and music theory lessons. In 2012 she was accepted to Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra, with which she had concerts in Cyprus, Rome and Vienna and she was the principal flute for the last 2 years. She also went to Music High School in Limassol where she was also the principal flute of the flute choir and had concerts in Cyprus and in Strasbourg. She was an active member in her town's choir and bands. Currently she is doing her bachelor degree at the HKU Utrechts Conservatorium with Aldo Baerten.

Lin Kwai Kit

Foto: Lin Kwai Kit

Flutist Lin Kwai Kit is one of the active orchestral players and tutors Hong Kong. He played as the flutist and piccoloist in various orchestras and symphonic bands include Hong Kong Police band, Hong Kong SAR Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Youth Symphonic Band, HKIEd Orchestra, City University Philharmonic Orchestra and Hong Kong Cantabile Winds etc. Lin contributed to many overseas tours, the places visited include Austria, Japan, Taiwan and Macau. In 2013, he gave his first concerto performance in Tusen Wan Town Hall with Hong Kong Cantabile Winds conducted by Mr. Sit Hok Chuen.

Lin obtained the Bachelor of Music in Education (Honours) (Contemporary Music and Performance Pedagogy) from the Hong Kong Institute of Education (Now retitled to the Education University of Hong Kong), majoring in flute performance taught by Mr. Timothy Wilson. He also obtained his Diploma in Music Performance (Flute) in 2011 from ABRSM. Lin is now having his master study in Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht majoring in flute and taught by Mr. Aldo Baerten.

Jaume Darbra

Foto: Jaume Darbra

He was born in 1993 in Linyola (Catalonia).

Jaume Darbra started to play piano and flute at the elementary music school of his hometown. Later he gained access to the Lleida’s Music Conservatory, where he spent only two years under the tutelage of Professor Arnau Millà, and he won the same year the first prize in the  XIIIrd Music Performance Competition and the first prize in the XIIIrd Chamber Performance Competition organized by the same school. Here he finished the professional studies of music with the higher marks and that gave him the greatest distinction the conservatory concedes: the Extraordinary Prize in Flute.

Afterward, he gained access to the Conservatory of Liceu (Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu) where he did the Bachelor of Music with the Professor and flutist Júlia Gàllego. During these four years at Conservatori del Liceu he did the course  “Contemporary Music through Non Western Techniques” ward by Rafael Reina in the Catalonia College of Music (ESMUC – Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) during 3 years. He took part in masterclasses by professors Clara Andrada, Felix Renggli, Emily Beynon, Silvia Careddu, Henrik Wiese and Andrea Oliva, among others. At the same time, he performed throughout Europe including many radio broadcasts, a soloist with orchestras and as a member of chamber music ensembles involved in classical/contemporary as well as improvised music.

Jaume Darbra finished the Bachelor of Music (Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu) in 2016 with the higher marks. During the season 2016 – 2017 he was doing contract study with Dutch Professor and flutist Jos Zwaanenburg following the specialization “Contemporary Music through Non Western Techniques” in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and  accademist in the prestigious Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (Rome).

Currently he is doing the Masters Podium in the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp with the Professor and flutist Aldo Baerten, and the Masters in Live Electronics in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam finishing the specialization “Contemporary Music through Non Western Techniques”.

Álvaro Vega Báscones

Foto: Álvaro Vega Báscones

Álvaro Vega Báscones began his musical studies at the Professional Conservatory of music Ataulfo Argenta in Santander with his teacher Lara Manzano Gómez. During those years he also received lessons from Pablo Ventosa Puras. In 2015 he began his studies at the Rafael Orozco Superior Conservatory of Music, his professor of flute is Wendela Claire Van Swol.

In addition to his training at the conservatories, his musical interest has led him to carry out numerous training courses with teachers such as Magdalena Martínez (Soloist of the Palau of Valencia Orchestra), Miguel Angel Angulo (Flautist of the National Orchestra of Spain), Antonio Arias (Flautist of the National Orchestra of Spain), Salvador Martinez (Professor in the Superior School of Music Reina Sofía) among others.

His activity as a flautist allowed him to be part of numerous orchestras, such as: the Young Orchestra of Cantabria (JOSCAN) as he was lead flautist, EGO (Youth Orchestra of the Basque Country), Córdoba Symphonic Band, OJS (Youth Orchestra of Santander) where also he was lead flautist during his training in Santander, Orchestra Retales Casi-nfonicos with which he has participated in concerts throughout Spain, Portugal and Belgium, and the Asturias Prince Foundation Orchestra.

Mariona Baulies

Foto: Mariona Baulies

Mariona Baulies started playing flute at the age of 9 years with professors such as Christian Farroni or Mirjam Plass in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona (Catalonia), where she finished her secondary education in music. She studied three years of Bachelor degree at the Conservatory of Badajoz in Spain with Juanjo Hernández. Nowadays she is studying Bachelor 3 with Aldo Baerten at the Koninklijk Conservatorium, Antwerpen.

She has received masterclasses by international flutists such as Paul Edmund Davies, Aldo Baerten, Peter Verhoyen, Francisco López, Salvador Martínez Tos, Antonio Nuez, Patricia de No, Wendela van Swol or Andre Cebrián. Recently she attended the 29th International Forum of Flute in Dietricht (Luxembourg) where she could learn from Carlo Jans, Christina Fassbender, Olga Ivuisheikova and Kersten McCall.

She has played with La jove orquestra del Vallès, and Camerata Sant Cugat, in Catalonia, and at Festival de música Contemporanea de Badajoz. Together with the Spanish guitarist Juanjo Rodríguez she has played in several places in Spain. She played at the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam with flute duo Puya Grona (August 2017).

She attended Mathematics studies at Universitat Autònoma de Catalunya (2010-2014).

Helena Montag

Foto: Helena Montag

Born on 9th July 1996 Helena began her musical studies in the age of 6 singing in the children‘s choir of the „Komische Oper Berlin“. In winter 2006 she started playing the flute and got a scholarship from the Music School including piano and theorie lessons. 2012 she became a young student at the „Julius-Stern Institut“ from the University of Arts in Berlin with Mrs. Christiane Hellmann. Within this scholarship she played a project with the „Kammerakademie Potsdam“ and at the „crescendo music festival“ in Berlin.

She gained orchestra experience as a soloist with the Canisius-Kolleg Orchestra on tour in Japan with J. S. Bach's Orchestral Suite in B-Minor.

Later in the German Youth Orchestra an the „junge norddeutsche philharmonie“
Helena was also a first prize winner in the german youth competition „Jugend Musiziert“ in the categories flute solo, flute duo with piano (including a special prize for a recording with the Radio Berlin-Brandenburg) and duo for two flutes with a special prize from „Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben“. For her further instrumental education she attended masterclasses with the Ensemble Modern, Prof. Hansgeorg Schmeiser, Michel Moragues, Wally Hase, Felix Renggli and Jelka Weber (Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra), followed by more private lessons and concerts together.

In October 2014 she started her Bachelor of Arts (Künstlerische Ausbildung) with Prof. Marina Piccinini at the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover.

During her studies Helena was accepted for the the Young Artists Programm of the „Yellow Barn“ chamber music festival Vermont, USA and played at the PODIUM festival Esslingen.

May 2016 she was on Tour in North Germany with the freesextett, an ensemble found to experiment in cross-genre with acoustic instruments and electronic music based on their own arrangements chamber music pieces.

She is also part of the STEGREIF.orchester, which has been existing for one year and comes together to reinterpret symphonic music by playing by heart, without a conductor but with choreography and a mixed group of musicians - classical or jazz.

Since 2016 she is studying with Prof. Aldo Baerten who overtook the class from Marina Piccinini.

Bu Yun

Foto: Bu Yun

1993 born in China
2000-2009 general education
2009-2012 flute lessons with Sanqing Chen
since 2013 studies at the Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media

Joanna Sokołowska

Foto: Joanna Sokolowska

Joanna Sokołowska (Poland) started playing flute from age 13. She was attending masterclasses with professors like Peter-Lukas Graf, Carlo Jans, Anna Garzuly, Renate Greiss, Verena Bosshart, Jean­-Claude Gerard, Wally Hase, Denis Bouriakov, Philippe Bernold, Patrick Gallois, Dejan Gavric, Stefan Albrecht, Andras Adorjan, Natasa Maric, Cezary Traczewski, Barbara Świątek-Żelazna, Elżbieta Woleńska.

She graduated Music High School in Katowice and then she was studying with Janos Balint and Łukasz Zimnik at the Music Academy in Katowice. She took part in Polish Youth Orchestra's autumn tour in 2015. Now Joanna is studying in the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp with prof. Aldo Baerten.

She was the laureate of many national and international competitions, such as:
- First place on the International Flute Competition (Sieradz) 2014
- First place on the International Flute Competition (Łódz) 2014
- First place on the Polish Duets Competition (Cieszyn) 2013
- Third place on the International Wind Instruments Competition (Jastrzębie Zdrój) 2014
- Distinction on the International Flute Competition (Jastrzębie Zdrój) 2014
- Distinction on the Polish Wind Instruments Competition (Bydgoszcz) 2014
- Concert solo with the Silesian Philharmonic (Katowice) 2015 

David Martín

Foto: David Martín

Born in Plasencia, Spain (1992) He started studying flute at the age of ten in the Conservatory of Plasencia. Later he moved to the "Adolfo Salazar" Conservatory in Madrid to finish his Professional degree with Professor Salvador Requena and graduating with the highest qualifications in his recital. Finished his Bachelor Degree at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón with Professors Fernando Gómez, Antonio Nuez and André Cebrián. Currently he is studying Master Podium at the "Koninklijk Conservatorium van Antwerp" with Professor Aldo Baerten.

He has received master classes from international artists such as: Silvia Careddu, Henrik Wiese, Clara Andrada, Paul Edmund-Davies, Francisco Lopez Martín, Emily Beynon, Felix Renggli, Aniela Frey, Beñat Arrieta, Salvador Martinez Tos, Vicens Prats, Álvaro Octavio, Peter Verhoyen, Jose Sotorres and Juana Guillen among others.

He has collaborated with several orchestras, such as the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Extremadura, Camerata Musicalis, International Prince of Asturias Orchestral Academy, OSCAM, Youth Orchestra of Extremadura, German Nordic Youth Philharmonie and Orchestra of Extremadura, playing at places like the Auditorio Nacional in Madrid, Zaragoza’s Concert Hall, Prince Felipe Auditorium, Palace of Congress in Badajoz and Berliner Philharmonie.

Musician part of the "Academy for New Music" in Zaragoza, conducted by Nacho de Paz, premiering works by composer students and playing contemporary music for ensemble and orchestra.

As a soloist, he has performed in the XXV anniversary of the Conservatory “Adolfo Salazar” and The International Flute Seminar in Brugges (2015). He has also participated in educational projects of the Arce Program, the XII and XIV International Cycle of Youth Orchestras of Zaragoza and the XX Pedagogic Cycle of concerts in Zaragoza.

Selected to attend the RDAM Summer Campus in Copenhagen (2015)

Thanida Iamsirikulmit

Foto: Thanida Iamsirikulmitr

Thanida began her music study at the age of 12. She has studied flute with Sarote Kanprasert, Suncheep Vidayanakorn and Hiroshi Matsushima.
In 2015, she obtained her Bachelor Degree from Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts of Chulalongkorn University in the class of Kalaya Phongsathorn.

She attended flute masterclasses with number of famous flutists; Robert Aitken, Julien Beaudiment and Trevor Wye. In 2013, she joined Vanilla Flute Ensemble and got in the final round of Ensemble Competition in Osaka, Japan. In 2014, she went to Europe, U.S.A and U.A.E for concert tour with the Siam Sinfonietta.

Now, Thanida studying the flute performing in HKU Conservatorium with Aldo Baerten, the principle flute in Royal Flemish Orchestra. 

Tanyarat Limpawutiwaranont

Tanyarat have started to study the flute since 2007. In 2009 Tanyarat was admitted to Chulalongkorn University, faculty of music education in Bangkok Thailand and studied her flute major with Suncheep Vidayanakorn. She attended masterclasses overseas with well-known flutists such as Robert Aitken, Viviana Gudzman,Trevor Wye , Michel Moragues,Linda Chesis,Nicolas Duchamp, Yossi Arnhiem. Tanyarat had participated in many ensemble competitions with her ensembles, got in to the final round in Osaka Japan 2013 and won the 3rd prize in Singapore Ensemble Competition in 2011.

Tanyarat is currently studied in HKU Utrechts Conservatorium with Aldo Baerten.