International Flute Seminar Bruges 2018

We are happy to announce several activities of the International Flute Seminar Bruges. For the sixth year we will organize our IFSB Summer School, which will take place from July 16th till 21th 2018. The IFSB team (with flute teachers Aldo Baerten, Peter Verhoyen, Robert Pot, Blaz Snoj, pianists Stefan De Schepper and Pieter-Jan Verhoyen, Alexander technique coach Helga Henckens and junior coach Annemie Verhoyen) welcomes professional flute players, students, advanced amateur flute players and young players in the beautiful Monastery School of Zevenker ken near Bruges (Belgium). We offer a six-day seminar with masterclasses, workshops, warming up sessions, individual lessons, piccolo lessons, Alexander technique, audition training, flute choir, and a junior day in an inspiring atmosphere. Participants can choose to apply for the whole course (with or without lodging) or day tickets for one, two of more days. For the youngsters (6 till 12 years) there is a special Junior Day on Friday.

For students who are unable to attend the IFSB Summer School without financial help, Verne Q. Powell Flutes. Inc offers a scholarship. Information about the application for this scholarship can be found at our website

Besides the Summer School several Festival Days will be organized, which are open to flute and piccolo players of all ages and different levels. The IFSB team offers the participants a varied program with warming up sessions, individual lessons (flute, piccolo, alto flute and bass flute), a teachers’ concert and a students concert. For those considering to begin professional flute studies, these Festival Days are the ideal opportunity to meet the teachers and to get more information concerning admission tests.

Application forms and more information concerning the several IFSB events can be found at