Program of the Utrecht Flute Festival

April 5th:

12.30-3pm | K218 | Groepsles Piccolo
Gudrun Bourel

3pm-5pm | K108 | Presentatie Master
Kees van der Heijdt

5pm-7pm |  K108 | Workshop Extended techniques/hedendaags repertoire
Ned McGowan
8pm |  K108 | Concert
Solo performance on the family of flutes and electronics: Compositions and improvisations in contemporary music.
Mark Alban Lotz, Ned McGowan, Heiko ter Schegget

April 6th

10am-12am | Kapel | Bach/Telemann workshop
Heiko ter Schegget

12-2pm |  K207 | Ademworkshop
Caroline Ansink

2pm-5pm | K207 | Workshop compositiestudenten
Caroline Ansink

8pm | K108 | Jazz Flute Band Concert
Ad hoc fun performance of arrangements of Jazztunes with as soloists:
Remijgius Kasukauskas, Kees van der Heijdt, Nadia Marak, Ned McGowan and Mark Alban Lotz