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”(...) which he played with a rich, warm tone, coloured by subtle timbre changes. (...) Baertens velvety tone lent perfectly to the long, undulating sentences of the Sarabande. The delicate pianissimos were just right here, especially in the high registers, and the recapitulation of the theme beautifully controlled. (…) B.Kurtag's Hommage à JSB next was superlative. Baerten performed the short unaccompanied piece with a crystal clear tone, faultless from the first note. (…) Kurtag's Doloroso, was simply exquisite. With a pure tone, gentle attack and wonderfully spaced phrases, it was the most arresting performence by Baerten so far (...) the hall came under an impressionistic spell with an arrangement for flute and piano of Debussy's Prélude à l'Après Midi d'un Faune (...) Baerten handled the famous melody with spontaneity and brilliant control.”
PAN (British Flute Society), 12.2014, BFS Premier Flautist Recital with pianist Stefan De Schepper inDuke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London

”Aldo Baerten has a gloriously rich and expressive sound, with effortlessly controlled technique, and this recital displayed an intensely lyrical interplay between the performers. (…) there were many magical moments (…) A plaintive third movement (…) sensitive and eloquent with a glorious flexibility of sound, colour, and expression, building to a wonderful climax (…)”
FLUTE, the magazine of the British Flute Society, British Flute Festival August 2012 Manchester (UK) with Timothy Carey

”The first performance I heard was by Aldo Baerten who is from Belgium. I heard him perform Silhouttes by Jean Absil. Ameddeo Salvato played the piano. It was excellent, I wish I could have heard more.” – Liz, 03.05.2010, Slovenian Flute Festival

”The soloist Aldo Baerten makes a really wonderful performance and gets the possibility to present the juicy sound of his flute in all registers in this composition.”
Huilisti (Finnish Flute Magazine), 04.2007

“All the players are in their early twenties and this was undoubtedly reflected in the zest with which they approached each piece and in the way the more playful aspects of the music were brought out.  The many oppurtunities for the players to show their paces as soloists were fully taken advantage of.  They played with equal skill and verve.“
The Irish Times, 22.04.1991

“Young musicians are an engaging lot, especially when they possess talent far advanced of their years.“
Manchester Evening News, 17.04.1991


CD: French Recital (PMP Productions, 2015)

"(...) Sonata by Jongen was the `diamond´ of the record. (...) Baerten´s flute playing is on control but is still relaxed and liberated. The using of vibrato and different kind of shades arouse admiration especially. Vibrato serves the music, it´s not end in itself. The shinig high notes in Sancan and Jongen are outstanding.
The cooperation between S. de Schepperin and A. Baerten are seamless and mutually supportive. The rhytmic precision, sentiment variations and control on balances tells that the cooperation has continued to long time. In the record both the players create the line from the light moods of beginning to the sonates´ darker shades and thicker chordworld. In Jongen the virtuosity of both players "explode" out as if."
Finnish Flute Magazine, 03.2016

"Aldo Baerten, one of our most excellent flutists, is principal flute at the Royale Flemish Philharmonic and teaches at the Royal Conservatories Antwerpen, Utrecht and Musikhochschule Münster. (...) Aldo Baerten brings this refined music with technical perfection, great beauty and exquiste detail in using the right colour in music which is so full of colour and delicacy. A must-have for every flute lover!"
Klara's oordeel (Belgian Classical Radio), 02.2016


CD :  François Devienne - Six Concertant Duos Opus 5 (UT3-Records)

”...the joy that these two musicians find when performing together shines throughtout this recording as they play effortlessly together... Baerten presents these passages with both grace an a flourish, clearly enjoying the interplay between the parts. (...) Sensitive and delicate, with Baerten's lyrical lines soaring over a busy viola part (...) The articulation is clean and light in the fast passages of DuoV. The phrases rise and fall elegantly. (…) Here , Baerten's golden Tone is expertly accompanied by pizzicato viola. It is in the variations that the fun these two friends are having can be clearly heard.”
PAN (British Flute Society), 12. 2014

Charming Duets for flute and viola
Baerten and Suys explore the spirit of Devienne's music, infusing the six duets for flute and viola with energy and charm.The timbre is exquisite and both musicians have a fine sense of Devienne's graceful Viennese Classicism.”
Finnish Flute Society Magazine


Franz Schubert – Forellen Quintet / Variations on “Trockne Blumen” (Pentatone)

“Aldo Baerten plays on a German-made Braun wooden flute that boasts excellent carrying power and expansion of the sound; a large, warm tone, especially in the third octave; and in Baerten’s capable hands, exquisitely delicate dynamic control.With Helmchen on piano, his execution of theVariations on “Trockne Blumen.”Op. posth. 160–D.802is everything one could wish: gorgeously sensitive vibrato, never overused; uncanny connectionwith piano— amazing virtuosity throughout and not just in the killer fourth variation; and third-register notes that never “punch through” but rather emerge just where one might wish them to.”
The Flutist Quarterly, Spring 2010

“His interpretation of Schubert’s work is timbrally interesting (enhanced by use of a wooden Braun flute) and his attention to detail and subtly of dynamics is clear. It is both stylish and expressive, with vibrato enhancing the nuances of the phrases. Extreme contrasts and risk taking provide variety and make it interesting to listen to. The young German pianist, Martin Helmchen, is more than a suitable match, playing the roles of both sensitive accompanist and virtuosic keyboard soloist as required.“

“In the following "Variations on 'Trockne Blumen'", stiff competition comes on Bezaly, Brautigam - Masterworks for Flute and Piano. In many ways, these two accounts are complementary as Aldo Baerten uses a wooden flute instead of Sharon Bezaly's "traditional" metal instrument. The use of a wooden instrument imparts a much more limpid character to the sound and as far as playing goes all participants are exemplary in their respective accounts with honours even overall. “ – Polly Nomial, 20.12.2009

“According to the liner notes, flutist Aldo Baerton plays on a wooden Braun flute on this recording and the results are lovely. Baerton displays a broad range of dynamics and tone colours, as well as beautiful control of the softer dynamics. The ensemble between the flute & piano is excellent and both performers show off the dramatic character of the piece. Baerton & Helmchen tackle the technical demands of this piece with apparent ease. The opening introduction is suitably dramatic and Baerton's use of colour & vibrato is beautiful and full of character. The choice of tempos is right-on, especially the last variation, which one often hears too fast. On this recording, it has a more deliberate edge and captures the quirky character better. An excellent recording. Highly recommended.“
Canadian Flute Association

“It doesn’t get any better than this!In Trockne Blumen Variations Aldo Baerten plays a wooden flute with no vibrato. In the main theme , the flute shifts out of mid-range into a higher tessitura: there is shading, rubato, incredible depth of expression, and poignant phrasing galore, with the two soloists performing as one organism. It doesn’t get any better than this!“
American Record Guide – Gil French, July/August 2009

“What an absolute delight is this new recording from Pentatone. A fine romp indeed through extremely well known and well aired popular works. Here they are played with delicious poignancy, full of spirit, character and articulation. Martin Helmchen leads with convicton and authority ably supported by Christian Tetzlaff and Aldo Baerten in particular but not to take anything away from the other players in this fine group.“ – 22.05.2009

“The accomplished group of European musicians present a flawless account of some of Schubert's best-loved chamber music. International Record Review commented 'I have fallen for this beautifully recorded PentaTone release hook, line and sinker'.

“In the Trockne Blumen (Broken Blossoms) Variations, Aldo Baerten's wooden flute is distinguished by its firm, beautiful tone with no trace of breathiness. Baerten and Helmchen made smooth partners in this set of flamboyant variations that have a dark as well as a light side – corresponding to the song itself that inspired them from Schubert's Die Schõne Müllerin (The Pretty Maid of the Mill) which begins sadly and ends in a more optimistic, rising mood.“
Atlanta Audio Society Newsletter - Phil Muse, 05.2009

“The variations for flute and piano are here played on a wooden flute, which gives a quite different sound picture from, for example, that of James Galway. Again, the theme comes from a song with a dark story, but the variations provide a spectrum of emotions and virtuoso demands on the player, Aldo Baerten, who rises to the challenge with his fine-sounding instrument.“
Audiophile Audition - Peter Joelson, 19.04.2009

“The group of European musicians led by Martin Helmchen includes Marie-Elisabeth Hecker, Aldo Baerten, Alois Posch, Christian Tetzlaff and Antoine Tamestit. The chemistry between the players is wonderfully apparent in this flawless account of Schubert's chamber music which includes the much-loved 'Trout Quintet'.“

“Aldo Baerten, the excellent first flute of the Royal Flemish Philharmonic, gives a ravishing performance of the Schubert Variations with a virtuoso partner in Martin Helmchen.“

“(…) particularly when treated with the respect lavished on it by Aldo Baerten and Martin Helmchen. The sound of Baerten’s wooden flute is particularly ingratiating and the un-forced virtuosity of his playing, particularly in Variations 5 and 7, is breathtaking.” – Graham Williams, 01.04.2009

“Variations on Trockne Blumen for Flute and piano played by Aldo Baerten and Martin Helmchen (piano). My ears really pricked up when I heard Aldo's beautiful sound and a quick check on the sleeve notes revealed he is playing on a wooden flute by A Braun. It's an incredible sound and beautiful interpretation.“

“Aldo Baerten’s use of a wooden rather than metal flute gives the music a warmer, less brittle character than it would otherwise have – a very nice touch indeed. And the one-movementNotturno trio provides an emotionally satisfying conclusion to a very finely honed, well-thought-through recording of Schubert’s music as Schubert intended it to be heard.“ – Graham Williams, 01.04.2009

“I was very pleased at the playing of Helmchen and Baerten...Baerten plays a wooden flute by Anton Braun, and it's very noticeable. Any hint of a metallic sound is omitted, and this is very satisfying , to say the least.”
HiFi Magazine - Richard Foster

“The lovely Trockne Blumen variations, here played on a wooden flute by Aldo Baerten and Helmchen, is a delight.“
Classical CD Review


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